Monday, 28 September 2009

Soul Power

Book Review:

Soul Power, by Anne Baring and Scilla Elworthy

BookSurge 2009, 59 pp., £10.00, p/b.

Offering 'an agenda for a conscious humanity', this powerful, short and evocatively illustrated book sums up the current human situation and offers a way through to a new understanding and corresponding political
system. The authors understand that the crisis of our times is basically a spiritual one, and that we need to learn to see life as one, with each of us participating and belonging to a greater whole. They describe the limiting beliefs we hold and features of scientific materialism, as well as those of a new and integrated worldview. They remind us of the power of fairy tales, that our beliefs are rooted in fear and that we have as yet been unable to move beyond war in our quest for security. A key task is the rebalancing of head and heart, or the integration of the masculine and feminine aspects of our being. They help us imagine a new kind of world with new values and a new political agenda. The vision is there, it is now up to us to embody it by being the change we want to see in the world. I hope that this book will be very widely read.