Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Towards a New Renaissance 3 - Berlin, 30 October-1 November

Harmonising Spirituality, Nature and Health

Co-Chairs: Prof. Henryk Skolimowski, Prof. Franz-Theo Gottwald, David Lorimer

This international meeting is the third in our series Towards a New Renaissance. The first meeting was held in Krakow, Poland in October 2004 and the second in Pari, Italy in October 2007. Our conferences reflect a new vision that the Cosmos is the measure of all things. We have to integrate our new world-view and values into the larger web of the Cosmos, living in harmony with both natural and cosmic laws. This is especially important in re-establishing a harmonious relationship with nature. Just as the credit crunch is a reflection of overextended debt, so the imminent eco-crunch reflects the fact that we now consume annually 25% more than the Earth can replenish. It is therefore imperative that we restore the balance between human activity and natural resources for the sake of coming generations. This conference will address the close relationship between food and health, arguing that our understanding of nature, agriculture and health has to be integral, since each depends on the other. The crisis in human health reflects the way in which we grow and produce our food, which in turn is a reflection of our mechanistic and materialistic worldview.