Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Global Information Network

The Global Information Network is an exciting new international club dedicated to enabling its members to realise their aspirations and achieve their dreams.

GIN has grown in less than two years to over 30,000 members in 157 countries, and 90% of those who join continue their membership. You can find a good deal of background information on our site http://www.globalinformationnetworkpath.com/ – also the video on Membership Benefits and the Affiliate Programme on the official site http://www.globalinformationnetwork.com/

I have been a Member for a year and GIN has transformed my outlook on life. The information available to Members is exceptional and the meetings are outstanding. We had an amazing time on the Caribbean Leadership cruise, and the January 2012 3 night cruise is free for any member who joins this year. I have booked in for next January already!

Wherever GIN goes, it changes the atmosphere in the hotel and people ask what kind of group we are! There’s also a lot of fun involved – the jazz band in Paris on the Saturday evening said they’d never played to such a group and did 6 encores! My daughter Charlotte came too. The first UK seminar (free for members) – Change Your Patterns, Change Your Life with Mary Miller will be held near London on October 8th – I’m already booked in. Next year there will be far more meetings in the UK and Europe. If this sounds interesting, do get in touch - david.lorimer@btconnect.com